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August 2022

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Transportation Equity

Discover the latest insights in transportation equity and DEI from IPMI’s Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo. Experienced researchers share effective ways to address inequality, including Platinum Parking team’s DEI implementation article. Get fresh office insights and make a positive change, one small step at a time.

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IPMI New Orleans 2022

Join IPMI’s 2022 Conference and Expo in New Orleans to network, learn about the latest parking industry trends, experience unforgettable events, and gain valuable insights from keynote speaker Mike Erwin. See you in Fort Worth next year to see if IPMI can top this year’s success.

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Five Things To Do When You Return From a Conference

Maximize your conference experience! 5 key tips: update LinkedIn, brain dump, share knowledge, assess value, and apply learned insights. Connect with contacts, re-think sessions your way, be a learning hero, and improve service outcomes. Don’t miss out.

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Clean Cars, Dirty Power?

As EVs gain popularity, we must consider the hidden costs of charging infrastructure and maintenance. Limited access to renewable power further questions the sustainability of clean cars. Let’s broaden the conversation beyond EVs to include their power supply.

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Ask the Experts

What are today’s parking and mobility organizations seeing differently through the lens of Transportation Equity, and
what actions are they taking because of that view?

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