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Parking & Mobility | November 2021


January 2022

The Cruising Phenomenon

New FHWA Tool to Enable Cities to Measure and Ultimately Reduce Parking Cruising



A map of a city with red arrows showing parking and mobility options.
New FHWA tool to enable cities to measure and ultimately...
A man is speaking on stage at a parking and mobility event.
The 2021 IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo
A man demonstrating parking mobility in a car with blood on the windshield.
Preparing you parking for a post-COVID world
A woman is holding a cell phone near a flower pot, showcasing the seamless integration of parking and mobility solutions.
Virtualizing the process and using new technologies...


A person diligently cleaning a desk with a yellow cloth.
An image of a red symbol on a computer screen displayed within the context of parking and mobility.
A 3d model of the capitol building in Washington, DC showcasing its parking facilities for mobility.
A woman is sitting at a desk, feeling overwhelmed with her head on her knees.
A red pen is being used to mark a check mark on a checklist in the context of marketing tasks.
An image showcasing a cracked wall, isolated on a plain white background.
A professional parking garage with cars parked in it.
Silhouettes of people standing in front of a computer screen.
Members of the Texas Parking & Transportation Association enjoying a game of corn hole in front of a rustic barn.

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