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July 2022

In an Age of Technology and Automation, The People Still Make it Work

Presenting the 2022 IPMI Profesional Recognition Awards



A young woman is holding a tablet displaying a digital image. (Mobility)
When to Use Incremental Innovation, and When Not To
Close-up of person building a pyramid with blocks that each have different management terms on them. The top block says "Leadership"
Four Qualities of an Excellent Manager
A man standing in a dark room with a light shining through, representing the Parking & Mobility industry.
Today’s Unknown Factors That Make Consultancy Challenging
A woman with a glowing light on her hand demonstrates touchless technology in the parking industry. 
Keywords: Touchless Technology, Parking Industry
The Parking Industry Welcomes Creativity to Fuel New Ideas


photo of New orleans skyline
Number 60 in gold balloons
A man is standing in front of a group of wooden people, discussing various aspects of the Parking Industry's Mobility.
David Onorato shaking hands at the 2021 IPMI Conference
A businessman holding a light bulb with a green growth chart in the Parking Industry.
Group of business people having an informal meeting while sitting in a circle
Pushing glowing AI circuit board
Photo of FPTA Board of directors on a golf course
Ask the Parking & Mobility experts logo on a yellow background.

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