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Parking & Mobility | November 2021

February 2022

Missing Half the Story

Utilization data plays a vital role in parking operations, but does it give the full picture of the customer experience?



A woman's face is shown next to a computer image.
What do your customers want? Look at the data—but don’t...
A city with a lot of iot connected to it.
Industry experts offer perspective on what’s happening...
Technologies, solutions and a look at the future.
The 2021 IPMI Expo showcased a host of future-forward...
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Right? Left? Silos much? What organizations can learn...


Editor's Note: A parking lot with yellow and green stripes.
A blue and white event parking sign on the side of a street.
A group of people sitting at a table holding up balloons.
White electric cars parked in a parking lot.
A group of business people sitting around a conference table.
A large diverse tent.
An image of a car driving on a highway.
Silhouettes of people standing in front of a computer screen.
A group of people from the New York State Parking & Transportation Association standing around tables in front of a house.

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