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Parking & Mobility | November 2021


November 2021

Putting Places Worth Visiting in Parking Priorities

Lessons from a century of urban parking and planning practice.



A micro-man in a suit riding a bicycle with a light on it.
Micro-transit helps public agencies improve transportation...
A crowd of people raising their hands at a concert.
Bruce’s message is clear: his success was propelled...
A drawing of a park with trees and a swimming pool, perfect for visiting and enjoying outdoor places.
A century of mass car production and planning for mass...
A man proudly holding up a welcome card for 2022.
Trading informational courtesy cards for parking tickets...


A person standing on a porch with an important reminder of gratitude - a doormat that says thankful.
A plane is flying over the entrance to Dallas DWW Airport.
Autumn leaves on the ground with a blurred background.
Three electric cars parked at an EV charging station.
A legal gavel with the word unconstitutional written on it.
An image illustrating the futuristic mobility of a city with a futuristic bridge.
Silhouettes of people standing in front of an alternate transportation digital background.
An inclusive aerial view of a diverse city at night.

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